Interview with Roamers Photographer, Titus Haug.

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Meet Titus. Roamer's lead photographer and so much more. Born and raised in Japan, he now calls home near the ocean in San Diego, California. We know him as the photographer, the kind that captures the moments. But behind the lens, Titus is an explorer, a singer, songwriter, and talented musician touring the United States. We're honored to have him as a part of our one-of-a-kind nomadic family. 


What does it mean to you to be a Roamer? 

"For me, it means being available to the beauty that life has to offer wherever you are. Of course, there are those moments when I am traveling or exploring the world, but I mean even when I am at home. I’ve found that when I allow myself to be present, whatever the context may be, that’s where the greatest adventures present themselves.

Since we live in a highly stimulated society you really have to fight to remember that there is beauty in every space. Whether I am surfing at home or in a far off country I find myself leaning more and more into that idea of beauty in the present. For me being a Roamer is all about making yourself available to that beauty in different contexts." 

Tell us about your passion for music, where can we find you?

"Music is my first love. I’ve been playing since I was a little kid. It’s something that has stayed consistent in my life through every season and change. It’s amazing how the connection that music offers transcend language. Anyone can feel a good song and be moved by the rhythms regardless of where they come from. Anyway, I love writing songs and sharing them with people. 

You can find my music on iTunes or Spotify or any of those type of sites." 

Where's your musical inspiration come from?  

"Musical inspiration comes from many different places for me. 

I think the truest statement would be that personal experiences and the environment in which I live influence my songs the most. The longer I’ve been writing songs the more I find that I have to dig deeper to find out what I’m really feeling or experiencing. It’s a slow and long process of peeling back the layers that you’re made of. The result is vulnerable and honest music. I’m inspired by both the process and result of making music that way."

Your photography's equally spectacular, what do you look for in a great photo?

"When I first starting taking photos, I took a ‘realism’ approach. I was all about matching the scene photographed with what I thought it looked like to my eyes. Now my approach is more in the vain of Romanticism or Impressionism in that I am looking less for what I see on the surface and more for what I feel beneath the surface. I’m looking for that connection with the audience. It’s still a form of realism in the sense that I am looking for something that is real, but it’s the feeling of the scene that I am trying to capture the most. I ask myself, 'what does this angle or light or moment make me feel?' That connection with others is what inspires me."  

From your experience, do you find music & photography similar? How so?

"They certainly have similarities in that they are both expressions of something within the artist. A good photograph, like a good song, can stick with you and even change the way you think. It can make you feel something." 

What does a great trip include for you? 

"I’ve always been a fan of letting the journey tell you what it entails rather than you telling the journey what it will entail. My favorite trips have always had elements of spontaneity in them. Often I choose a destination and let the rest unfold as I go. It keeps the road interesting." 

Do you have any words of wisdom or something you'd like to share with anyone aspiring to be a photographer or musician? 

"Absolutely. For about two years I’ve been super inspired by this old proverb that says “Those who sow in tears will reap a harvest with Joy.” The truth is that good things take time to grow. No matter how much we want things to happen fast, it’s rarely the case. The farmer that puts the work in, waking up at 4 am daily to water and plant his seeds is the one who will have something to show for his hard work when the harvesting time comes. Who plants a tree and a year later gets mad at it for being a year old tree? I think trees are like art. They take time to mature and grow and even need a fire at times to be strengthened. If you want to create or build something that is beautiful, often you have to be in it for the long hall. It’s frustrating to wait for things—I can certainly relate to that—Especially when we compare ourselves to those who are further along on the journey. But good things take time to grow. My best advice is to work hard, persevere and seek to learn from those around you. That is the journey that I am still on." 

Have to ask, what's your favorite Roamers piece in the current collection? 

"I’d have to say The Workshirt in Indigo."

What's next for you? 

"Ah man. So many things. 
I’m working on some challenging projects musically and photographically at the moment, but honestly, the most exciting thing is to be in the process. To be working towards something. All the challenges that I’m facing in order to create these things are the part of the process that makes creating something so beautiful. It takes years at times to see this stuff come to fruition but I’m just excited to be on the journey, working towards something that I’m passionate about and believe in." 



Follow Titus (on tour now) his work & endless journey on Spotify, iTunes, and Instagram.

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