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Every apparel brand calls for models. But at Roamers, we believe there’s story behind every face and no such thing as an empty smile.

Jazmine Brown, otherwise known as That Curly Top, is the ideal representation of a true Roamer — inquisitive, approachable, & progressive. A graduate from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Marketing & keen eye for design, more importantly, motivated by a thirst for environmental justice. She is someone to look to as one who is blazing the trail towards a modern day sustainable lifestyle, knowing well where ethics & environmental cause and effect intersect in the fashion world.

Jazmine’s best known for her sustainable fashion blog, That Curly Top. Her blog has become a source of fashion inspiration, how to make small changes in your daily habits that impact the world at large, and a hub to share a philosophy in conscious living.

In an hour long interview with Jazmine, she revealed her sources of inspiration and where she sees herself and the industry moving.

“I feel like we’re in a time that is more accepting to change, people are craving it, and businesses are pushing towards sustainability. If you look back at history, new ideas are brought from the new generations. It’s like we have a fresh pair of eyes and I believe sustainability is the change our [Millennial] generation has brought to the table. You cast your vote by what apparel you buy, knowingly or unknowingly. Purchasing makes a huge difference and you have the power to affect a certain business or society. It’s important to be aware of exactly what it is you are buying. For upcoming businesses, the most important thing seems to be transparency. Larger companies are having to change their models to provide what society is asking for.”

How it all began — Jazmine was studying fashion merchandising and joined a group at her university to work against human trafficking. She realized that the fast fashion industry played a role in countless unethical practices. “As I dove deeper into the fashion industry, I couldn’t help but question, how can I stay in this direction while I know all of this is going on? I was always intrigued by fashion and the artistry of it all… After learning the effects on people and the environment, I changed my major.”

Jazmine’s blog has brought together fashion and sustainability, now featuring brands and company’s that are in line with her ethical standards. “I am extremely particular about the brands I talk about. I want to show people and company’s that you can care about the environment and not be a complete hippie. No matter what type of lifestyle you have you can be environmentally conscious.”

Tips from Jazmine:

1. WEARABILITY & ETHICS: “I have hierarchy when it comes to shopping for something new. First, I look at what I actually have and I ask myself can I re-ware this.Then, if I’m unable to swap, borrow, or thrift a pieces,’ll research an ethical company to buy from. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure about whether or not a company is ethical, just don’t buy it. A majority of the time your gut is right.

2. EDUCATION: “There is a large lack of education in parts of the world on sustainability. It’s important to have conversations with these people instead of dehumanizing someone who disagrees with you. These conversations about sustainability have to happen for it to become a cultural norm.”

3. ONE STEP AT A TIME: “Social Media is an amazing tool, but it can get really overwhelming with the amount of people on there competing for a voice and seeing all the problems that are happening in the world. It’s important to remind myself that I can’t save the world in a day and to stay focused on the little things that I can do one step at a time. Because every step matters.” Keep up with Jazmine on Instagram @thatcurlytop or on her blog www.thatcurlytop.com.


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