Logan Kruse: Roamers Undefined

Logan Kruse is the newest member of the Roamers team. A media man, photographer, creative jack of all trades if we had to put a label on him. We took a moment to sit down and pick his brain on style, creativity, and what it means to truly Roam. 

The digital era is a crazy one! We live in an instantaneous time with a push of a button you can be, do, contact, and create anything. What do you think of this kind of digi spontaneity?

I honestly have gone back and forth about it. I think there’s positive and negative about it and I think there are people who want to be so trendy that the act like they don’t like it when they actually like it and then there are people who are good at it who actually don’t care about it. There’s just all these different levels to it and it’s really something. I thought it would really pitter and phase out, Instagram in general, but I think that it’s still totally full-fledged and full forced with everything when it comes to business.  People are living their lives and making a career out of it.

I think everyone goes through their phases of it and then there just this non-stop circle of going in and out of it.  I mean I’m kind of forced to always be in it because of what I do.  I don’t like that I have to spend most of my time on the phone looking at it but then am I trendy for saying that?

When working on a creative project, what excites you the most? 

I get most excited when I don’t know anything about it.  When I had to fly out of Nicaragua to New York recently on a Roamers shoot, I was shooting with a model I had no idea about and I had never been to New York City.  I flew in late night on a Thursday had a random person I met on Instagram show me around a couple spots and before I knew it it was 4 in the morning and I don’t know the pressure inspires me to be creative in a sense.  It helps me meet people and all of that comes full circle.  I consider myself more of an editor, not a photographer because anyone can press down a button but I really do think with editing you can bring in a whole different emotion. 

Rhamier, who modeled Roamer's upcoming collection for me, is a jack of all trades and he kind of guided me around. We woke up had coffee and took me to his favorite scenes and it was more like a casual stroll through Brooklyn.  I’m a casual dude myself and I like to keep it that way so when I shoot with people I think it help calm everything down and it can feel more like we're just hanging out.  My favorite spot was right next to my hotel in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  I’m a sucker for good eatery foods and those were just so abundant there. 

You're 22-years-old, you have plenty of time to refine your craft. What do you want to be when you grow up? 

I want to be a stay at home dad. *laughs* No, I’m at a bit of a weird point in my life where I don’t know.  I always wanted to be a creative director and as of right now I’m not in that position but I’m in a position where I could be in that position so I think that’s what I want to be.  A creative director, otherwise a stay at home dad.

What does it mean to be a Roamer?

Roamer means a lot of different things to a lot of different people but for me it just means not being confined.  My whole life I’ve never stayed in one place.  I’ve been all over the map since high school. Just throwing myself out there to see everything and be in uncomfortable positions is what is what defines a Roamer and what I think will help the brand grow and I encourage people to buy it up.

You have great unique style, where do you get your inspiration?

I like to think my style is a combination. Individuals such as Dylan Rieder (Rest in Peace) and Austyn Gillette are two of my heroes in specific. Dylan had the all black and white take on what was a colorful scene and sort of slicked everything back. I draw my style from them just maybe a bit more surfed out and laid back. 

Roamers has an entirely new collection launching August 15, 2018 - what are you most excited about?

The tote bags no doubt! *laughs* No the team jackets is for sure a gem and definitely the best pant I have worn thus far, The Weston Workwear pant in Dark Charcoal (coming soon). 

(Note, the tote bags are a promotional Roamers item and the team jackets will be available direct to consumer on the webpage. Shoot us a message if you're interested!)

The designer for this collection really created a beautiful color story, playing off the natural elements of the West Coast, do you have a favorite color? 

I'm a huge fan the sage green. Its pretty washed out with a good vintage vibe to it.

How can people get more involved with Roamers? 

Take pictures and tag Roamers or just you doing your thing in Roamers. We just want to invite and tell people's stories about how they Roam.

Do you have any wise words for the world? 

Be a yes man.  If you think adventure is dangerous, you should try routine that's lethal. Take a chance and just go for it.


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