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On Tour with Titus Anthony

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Titus Anthony is a dear friend & ambassador to Roamers. Our lead photographer one day, and a touring musician the next. He recently returned from his American tour & we were lucky enough to get behind-the-scenes and capture emotions, setbacks, and what it was really like to be living a life on the road.  

"It has been an adventure, I have often have a preconceived idea of what it’s going to be, and then I experience the reality of what I'm doing. What’s been really cool is we’ve gotten to see a lot of different cities and places in our travels. Music for me is something that I cannot not do.  I just feel like it’s something I’m supposed to do and I’ve felt that way ever since I was a kid.  I think it’s just who I am and it’s not something that I can change." 

You traveled across the entire USA, did you have any favorite locations or venues?

"We played in Brooklyn and those were some pretty sick shows. It’s a little surprising for me because I’m not usually drawn to big cities. I think the communal experience I got to have while I was there is different from when I was playing Manhattan. The people here have been really awesome and I've enjoyed the experience of  connecting with them over art. Two nights ago we played in Brooklyn and there was this really cool guy named Danny at the venue we were playing at, and he goes, “I was coming back to myself and learning who I was becoming.”  I thought that was interesting because when he was listening to our songs he was able to rediscover who he was and that’s one of the best responses to my music I could ever hope for."

"I think for us that’s the coolest part about music is getting to share it with people.  When you’re putting the music out, people are connecting with it in their own way." 

Why do you play music? 

"You’re pursuing what you’re doing because it’s the dream you have in your heart. I truly believe that deep down, everyone has dreams, and when we are faithful with ours, I believe people get to reap benefits of them. It's beautiful.  For many people like us, it may start out as a personal pursuit, but if we keep pressing into that passion, oftentimes a lots of people are going to produce good things from it." 

How was performing for so many people along the tour? 

"When I’m performing, most of the time I feel fairly comfortable, but I would say that it depends on the show, because there are some shows that I feel nervous for, but usually once it starts that nervousness just goes away and you're in the zone. As far as vibing out the crowd, that’s a huge part of performing, you have to read your crowd and tap into what they are feeling and experiencing.  We start out with sort of a blueprint of what we’re going to play and then will fine tune what we are performing to engage the audience." 

What is music to you? 

"I’ve always said, whether I play for a one-person crowd for the rest of my life or in front of a large audience, I’m always going to write music myself and I really mean that.  Our rule is that even if it’s just a few people were just going to give it everything.  People can get tired sometimes and work out even if we’re doing something that we love, and I really believe in the concept of pacing yourself and getting rest. For me, I find my rest in surfing.  If I keep the balance of resting and refreshing my mind, I believe that I can continue to live that lifestyle out. Writing a song for me is always discovering something inside myself.  When I write a song, I'm sitting down and singing whatever comes out of me.  That string of consciousness is what I’ll record, use that as a blueprint to dig out what’s inside of me. Photography is kind of similar, to me, a good photograph moves you in a feeling, it’ not just pixels or reflections of light, it creates an emotion in you." 

What's next, post-tour? 

"We released an album a little over a year ago and that was a two-year project even before it came out, because there was a whole year of writing and a whole year of recording. We just booked a studio in Portland, Oregon which we will be recording a new record at in September."



Keep up with Titus & his music at @titushaug

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