Roamers is Taking a More Sustainable Route in Manufacturing Outerwear

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Since the brand’s inception, every decision in creating our apparel has been made with a purpose. We believe it’s all in the details, which is why we continuously consider the impact of our product on its wearers; experience is everything. One of the most important details in roaming is staying waterproof. When it comes to our technical outerwear, we’re proud to manufacture with PFC-free DWR.

Durable Water Repellence (DWR) is a textile treatment applied to fabric that prevents water from saturating said fabric by causing water to bead off the surface. This treatment is commonly applied to rain-specific outerwear so when you get yourself into a wet environment, you can ensure you stay dry.

Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are traditionally used in DWR treatments but are harmful to humans and the environment because they don’t break down. PFCs build up in air, water, plants, wildlife, and even in human beings. The accumulation is a consequence of manufacturing everything from kitchen frying pans to waterproof jackets to pizza boxes.

PFCs are linked to serious health problems in humans and high levels of contamination in drinking water, negatively affecting us and the environment we live in.


With each piece we design, our team hopes to influence change and contribute toward progressive manufacturing techniques. For this reason, our design and brand development team has turned to PFC-free DWR alternatives without sacrificing any durability in the engineering of our outerwear.

The Cold Spring Shirt Jacket achieves the best water repellency performance without polluting the environment through the manufacturing process - a win win for everyone. However, there’s no need to stop there, this lightweight insulator is also quilted with recycled nylon.

We take pride in designing durable apparel that encourages outdoor activity. From summit to city to sea, our technical outerwear keeps you warm and dry so you can focus on the bigger moments, or the smaller ones.

We trust the PFC-free DWR system because it works. It’s one of the many ways Roamers engages in sustainable practices. We make sure to apply each of our brand values - boundless, minimal, spontaneous, approachable - throughout the entire process of creating our apparel. This is how we journey well.


Shop the Cold Spring Jacket in Dark Charcoal (pictured)

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