Introducing the Roamers Team

Working for a brand may as well be compared to starting a band.

Can you believe the Beatles were only together for 5 years? John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison (and Pete Best) revolutionized the world of music, perception on boy bands, and embraced an entire era in 305 songs.

Today, there’s so many bands lost in the static. The one hit wonders to pop radio, indie and alternative but how many will really last a lifetime?

At Roamers, the team isn’t lost behind-the-scenes. We live and breathe what we create. There’s a bond tied by common life choices that led us to each other. Working hand in hand to create wearable memories inspired by timelessness.

From a French workwear inspired jacket or pant to the stories we tell and people we collaborate with, every move is a step in the direction towards some sort of social, environment, and cultural harmony.

The team spent a morning surfing La Jolla shores recently wearing the Spring/Summer 2018 favorite pieces.


Pictured on top of Logan’s van from left to right: Frank, Jen, Kelsey, Logan, Nick, Mike, Titus (unpictured, photographer)

Mike, Brand Director

Favorited Item: Weston Workwear Pant in Olive

Titus, Lead Photographer

Favorited Item: Lighthouse Jacket

Kelsey, Fashion Designer

Favorited Item: Anderson Coat & Cypress Pant

Jen, Marketing Director

Favorited Item: Pacific Trouser in Dijon and Cattail Short Sleeve 

Logan, Media Manager

Favorited Item: Redwood Workshirt in Dark Charcoal

Frank, Head of Ops

Favorited Item: Cold Spring Jacket in Olive

Nick, Internal Sales

Favorited Item: McWay Jacket in Navy





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