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At Roamers Brand, we are continually chasing organic discovery and moments that make us embrace nostalgia. It’s those moments that inspire and pave the way for the next journey.

For our second season, SS19, we decided to bring the team together and journey East to the colorful waters of Maine, specifically a small private island off the coast called Damaris Cove. Little did we know that in calling upon friends and family as tour guides, we would re-develop our entire head-space; we gained creative clarity, lost touch with our technology, drank whiskey in front of the hearth and rose with the sun. The morning light provided beautiful hues of dijon and soft yellow while the Atlantic showed us its glistening green and golden sea kelp. The days were cool in the early light and refreshingly warming at the sun’s peak; the island wind cooled our sun-soaked faces at sunset and we were ready for our hoodies by dusk.

You will find a blend of robust yet sleek fabrics like Hemp, hearty Organic Cotton, dull waterproof Nylon and Tencel Twill in our line this season. The styling of our silhouettes mimic or pay homage to that of blue-collar American manufacturing but are indicative of modern outdoor utility. Our color palette is inspired by The Island and all of its bountiful blooms, bright red lobster, and quiet mussel coves. We hope that you enjoy your time with this line and more importantly, that you find a Roamers jacket for every occasion you might dream up.

Journey Well,
Mike Lynch, Roamers Global Brand Director

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